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Reviewer: John Carpenter

Released by: Impulse Pictures
Blu-Ray Release date: 5/7/2013
Region 1
66 Mins/Not Rated
Widescreen 1.85:1 | 16×9: Yes

Kids will be kids.  Their thought process is a combination of innocence and ignorance that can oftentimes lead to trouble.  This seems to be the case when Midori (Kyoko Ito) and Daisuke (Hajime Ishigami) decide to take a dip in the pool at school – naked.  It is all fun and would likely be a secret between the two students had Midori’s uniform not been found in the water when morning rolled around.  This is where Daisuke’s teacher Sakatani (Yuki Kazamatsuri) steps in.  She accuses the lad of rape even though she has little proof.  Where were Midori’s cries for help?  How come nobody heard her?  This is Daisuke’s defense as he forcefully explains to Sakatani how it couldn’t have been rape.  Then, before dropping out of school, Daisuke decides that he will go ahead and rape Midori.  He catches her in a room where their uncomfortable encounter can be broadcast for the entire school to listen in.

Time passes and Daisuke gets a job in a nearby coastal town.  He is obviously unhappy and trying to pull his life together.  As if some sort of jacked up fate has decided to intervene, Sakatani just so happens to be banging a married man in the same town.  It doesn’t take long for the former teacher/pupil to cross paths and there are still some hard feelings between the two.  It is clear that both Daisuke and Sakatani have their own respective flaws, but will this follow-up encounter to anything to mend their troubles from the campus?

“Female Teacher Hunting” isn’t as strong as some of the other titles in Impulse Pictures impressive Nikkatsu Erotic Films Collection.  The series is typically filled with rape and poor decisions, so it isn’t the shock factor that holds Junichi Suzuki’s 1982 film back.  It just never gains any real traction.  The setup is golden.  An innocent skinny dip leading to rape accusations is a great way to lead off a Roman Porno.  There seems to be a good bond between Sakatani and her student as she begs Daisuke to stay in school, but then there is a disconnect between characters.  Daisuke is obviously hurt and confused.  He may lash out in the wrong ways (like maintaining his innocence and then raping Midori for all to hear), but there is some viewer empathy for what Daisuke is going through.  Sakatani’s stock goes down as the movie progresses.  We find out that she is an adulteress and needs sex more than the average lady.  Knowing that the film is only sixty-six minutes long, I know there is little chance that Suzuki would be able to explore the dynamic between his leads.  With more time and development, Sakatani and Daisuke could have helped one another on a deeper level by exploring the student/teacher fetish, adding depth to the story in the process.  It would have been mutually beneficial in a screwed up Roman Porno way.  Instead viewers are left with an interesting premise that leads to a ho-hum payoff.

Despite how “Female Teacher Hunting” plays, there is no doubt that Impulse Pictures is dedicated to a top notch viewing experience.  The 1.85:1 anamorphic widescreen transfer is filled with detail and accurate fleshtones.  Random tattoos are noticeable and have as much detail as DVD resolution can provide.  Colors are nice, but don’t get the chance to pop with so many neutral colors in wardrobe and background sets.  There was no print damage to distract viewers.  The only thing that gets in the way from time to time is the digital blurring to comply with censorship laws.  There is no avoiding this and it does pop up a few times during “Female Teacher Hunting.”

The Japanese Dolby Digital 2.0 Mono track is great as well.  It has no flaws in the forms of pops or static and dialogue levels are very strong.  The front field does a fine job balancing music, effects and dialogue without sounding overcrowded.  The English subtitles are easy to read and never blend in with onscreen activity.

Included with this release of “Female Teacher Hunting” is a Trailer (1:11) and some informative Liner Notes from Japanese film scholar Jasper Sharp.  The focus of his writings in this release is the “Female Teacher” series rather than this one entry.

There are certainly some highlights in “Female Teacher Hunting.” An uncomfortable threesome quickly comes to mind.  In the end, this entry in the series is a bit of a letdown.  The feature begins with a great idea, then centers the story around the sex scenes rather than vice versa.  With a fairly short runtime, “Female Teacher Hunting” doesn’t wear out its welcome, but it also does very little to add to Impulse Pictures’ Nikkatsu Erotic Films Collection.  Anybody who needs this disc to maintain every release in the collection are encouraged to hit up Diabolik DVD (LINK) for this DVD.  Others would be better off just grabbing “She Cat” (Review HERE) or waiting for the July entries to roll around.

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