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Article By: John Carpenter

It is time to help out the good guys.  Vinegar Syndrome, who has been ON POINT since busting onto the scene in early 2013 with “The Lost Films of Herschell Gordon Lewis” (Review HERE), is looking to bring their eclectic library of horror, smut and bizarre cinema to the world of digital streaming. will be a huge gathering of all things exploitation and help show even more movie lovers why Vinegar Syndrome is one of the best in the business when it comes to restoring ‘lost’ classics and delivering top notch product.  This expansion of their service will be a “…subscription-based video-on-demand platform to reach a wider audience and expand our efforts to preserve exploitation, sexploitation, cult, experimental and other underappreciated oddities.”  Sounds perfect, doesn’t it?

But, they need YOUR help!

In order to get this up and running as soon as possible, Vinegar Syndrome is reaching out to the fans.  They recently launched an Indiegogo campaign (LINK) to help raise the money and have some pretty sweet perks for those devoted fans who want to get in on the ground floor.  There are discounted memberships (and lifetime memberships for those who are able to be a bit more generous), exclusive releases and the option to select from a number of past and future Vinegar Syndrome releases.  It is a win/win for genre fans.  We are able to help one of the rising stars in exploitation cinema launch a streaming service AND add to our respective blu-ray/DVD collections at the same time.  Let’s not forget – once it goes live, you’ll be able to watch while you wait for the next batch of physical media to hit the street each month.  So head over and help out Vinegar Syndrome with their campaign (LINK).  The louder their voice is in the distribution/streaming world, the number of crazy movies we all get to watch just gets higher and higher.

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