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Left at the Altar 

After Marlene has some trouble with her Ex boyfriend at home, she heads to San Francisco to change her life. Will she fall in love with the first man she sees? Or will she experiment in other delights?



The story of a homeless lawn cutting bum who finds a gift from god.
This film contains sex, nudity, swearing, gore. Viewer discretion is advised.



A gore filled short film with an amazing score that includes the band Slings. Filled with gruesome shots and atrocious acts, it pushes boundaries in the best way.


Groper Train: Search for the Black Pearl

In 1934, the world’s largest black pearl disappears. Years later, Gohei, a dying war veteran claims to know the whereabouts of the coveted jewel. With his last breath, he utters the words “pussy print” to his wife Matsuko — and the mystery is on!
Unable to crack the mystery alone, Matsuko enlists the help of the world famous detective, Ippei, to decipher the cryptic message and track down the black pearl. However, when the investigation proves to be too complicated for even the talented Ippei to handle, the famous mystery writer Seicho Matsuki gets involved. The search turns into an all out free-for-all as each party sets its sights on the legendary black pearl.
Who will find it first?

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Film of The Week #34
Night Train To Terror

Aboard a train – alternately known as “The Heavenly Express” or “The Devil’s Cannonball” – bound for Vegas but due to crash at dawn, God (billed as “Himself” but actually played by THE FEARLESS VAMPIRE KILLERS’ Ferdy Mayne) and The Devil (billed as “Lu Sifer” but actually FOXY BROWN’s Tony Giorgio) judge the choices and the ultimate fates of three people (of the garish rock band led by producer’s son Byron Yordan breakdancing to Joe Turano’s “Everybody But You” in the next adjoining car .

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Baby Rosemary
Sweet Trash
The Hang up
Hot Lunch
The Cut-Throats!

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